The Exchange Prgramme in CYCU for 2020 Fall Semester Now Is Open.

Dear all our partnership university and institution,

The exchange programs application now are being accepted and the deadline for 2020 Fall semester would be on May 17, 2020.

And I would like to show you the application procedures so you could assist your students.

Please send the documents by email to the email address:

And we would like to kindly ask you to fill the form to let us know your outbound schedule:

If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me. 

As always it's my pleasure working with you.

1. Require documents 交文件

       □  Application Form 申請書

       □  Resume 個人履歷 (no format)

       □  Study Plan 讀書計畫 (no format)

       □  Copy of Student I.D. 學生證

       □  Official Academic Transcript 歷年學業成績單(正本)

       □  Proof of Enrollment 在校證明

       □  Copy of Passport 護照影本

       □  1 x ID photo (JPG file) (2 inches colored with white background & 1張2  吋彩色白底照片電子檔)           

   □  One recommendation letter 推薦信1封

□  Supporting Document-Proof of Language Ability (Chinese or   English) 附加資料-中文或英文語言能力證明 (如果有請提供) 


2. CYCU Course Information

3. Calendar of School Year 2020-2021 (2020-04-06 update)

/upload/workbench/files/Calendar_CYCU_ 2020-2021.pdf

FACT SHEET: ./upload/workbench/files/2020 Fall Chung Yuan Christian University Exchange Student Information.pdf