Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies & Application Procedure

Application Procedure

A) Registration:

Please register at International Student Online Application Website ( ), and upload the application documents onto the above website and submit the hardcopy of application to CYCU by post before deadline.

a) International Student Online Application Website:  

b) Online Application Period : 

i) Fall-term (September intake): 1st Dec to 15th Apr 

*For all programs

ii) Spring-term (February intake): 1st Aug to 15th Oct

*Only for Graduate Programs

c) CYCU International Admission Brochure (2022-2023)

d) Required documents for applying a degree:

1.     The completed and signed application form (It can be downloaded after you completed the online application)

2.     The original graduation diploma/certificate of undergraduate and graduate education received

3.     English or Chinese translated version of the diploma/certificate(if the original is not in English or Chinese)

4.     Official transcripts of academic records (undergraduate and graduate) from the university Registrar’s office

5.     English or Chinese translated version of the transcripts (if the original is not in English/Chinese)

6.     Report of English language capacity test scores (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS, TOIEC, etc.)

7.     Two letters of recommendation  (optional for bachelor's degree application) 

8.     Study Plan (including motivation, education & career goals, research interests, course-taking plan, etc.) (optional for bachelor's degree application) 

9.     Resume / CV (including education, research activities/publications, employment history, extra-curricular activities, and References – to compose it as a list)

10.   Autobiography (Introduce yourself - to compose it as an article)

11.   Financial statement 

12.   Photocopy of the passport (identification page)

13.   Additional documents required by individual department/program (for example, Portfolio)

14.   Other supplementary materials (optional)

*After the applicant completes the online registration, they have to post the hardcopies to me, please do not send the original certificates or important documents in case of lost in transit.

B) Statement:

  • Student intended to apply for the program as International Student, have to conform with "International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan" rules (as per attached).
  • All courses offered from our undergraduate programs are lectured in Chinese.
  • We only accept your admission application through on-line application system.(
  • After completing the on-line application system, please submit hardcopy of the required application documents by post before October 31 for the Spring Term ; before April 30 for the Fall term.
  • All the applicants are required to go through the on-line application system, upload all the required documents onto on-line application system and submit the hardcopy of application materials by post:

Mailing Address:

Office of International and Cross-Strait Education
Chung Yuan Christian University

No. 200, Zhongbei Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City 320314, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

◎ The application will be only consider as success once applicants completed the on-line application system as well as submitted the hardcopy of application materials to Office of International and Cross-Strait Education, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

If you have any enquires, please feel free to contact: Ms. Yan Wu (Email:; Telephone: +886-3-2651715)

C) Others

Enforcement of Chinese language requirements for international graduate students

According to the regulation, all international graduate students should passed the (Minister of Education) TOCFL Level-A2 test for Listening and Reading or the CYCU’s Chinese Examination in order to satisfy one of the graduation requirements.

To enhance their Chinese language skills, the students can take four Chinese enhancement courses- two are for listening and two are for reading.  If needed, students can take more courses to enhance their Chinese proficiency to reach TOCFL Level-A2 or to pass the CYCU’s Chinese Examination.  It is noted that all these courses can be taken free of charge to the students.  The following are exempted in taking the TOCFL Level-A2 test or CYCU’s Chinese Examination:

1. Students passed TOCFL Level-A2 test for Listening and Reading before the enrollment,

2. Students took and passed Chinese courses for two semesters during their high school or college studies.

The above requirements do not apply to the Dual-degree students, since they need to enroll in at least 1 Chinese course in every semester to satisfy one of the graduation requirements.