Estimated Expenditure



Amount (NT$)


Overseas Health Insurance Purchase

For newly arrived international students, you need to wait for at least 6 months to be eligible to the National Health Insurance. Receiving any medical treatments in Taiwan without National Health Insurance will potentially cost you huge amount of money.

An overseas health insurance purchase for the first 6 months in Taiwan is your own responsibility. We strongly recommend you to purchase in your country before arriving in Taiwan.

Tuition and incidental fees

1.For College of Engineering, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 
Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Department of Bioscience Technology, Master Program in Nanotechnology-NT$ 69,000/semester

2. For Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language-NT$ 62,000/semester

3. For Department of Special Education, Department of Psychology, Department of Information Management-NT$ 65,000/semester

4. For College of Design-NT$ 74,000/semester

5. For School of Law, College of Business (except Department of Information Management), Graduate School of Religion, Graduate School of Education, Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies)- NT$ 58,000/semester

Depends on different departments

Group foreign students health insurance


NT$3,000 (NT$500/month)

International students are eligible to enroll in the NHI program after residing in Taiwan for at least 6 months.  Group foreigns students health insurance in Taiwan is compulsory insurnace for newly international students here on first 6 months.

National Health Insurance (NHI) – 2nd semester (for 6 months)


You will pay starting from the 2nd semester. The expenses will be deducted from student's account automatically.

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

NT$1,000/year respectively

Apply for an ARC within fifteen days after arrival./ renew once a year

University Dormitory fee


Re Cheng Hall (Male & Female dormitory- 4 people/1 room/share bathroom)--for graduate


Hsin Shih Hall(Male & Female dormitory- 4 people/1 room/1 bathroom)


Lian Shan Hall (Female dormitory- 4 people/1 room/1 bathroom)

NT$ 10,500/semester

En Tzu Hall (Female dormitory- 6 people / 1 room )

NT$ 11,000/semester

Li Hsing Hall(Male dormitory- 6 people /1 room )

Monthly Maintenance Fee for living in a dormitory (prepaid in advance and may get refund at the end of a semester-depends on your expense); for excessive use of the electricity in the dorm, students are required to pay for extra fee.


Lian Shan Hall, En Tzu Hal, Li Hsing Hal

Normally for air-conditioner fee.


Hsin Shih Hall &Re Cheng Hall

Normally for air-conditioner fee.

First Month Living Expenses


food, basic stuff for daily life, books, etc.

Accidental Insurance Fee

NT$169 / semester


Computer Lab Fee(Internet)

NT$1,500 / semester

undergraduate freshman only

Language Training Fee

NT$600 / semester

undergraduate freshman only

Health Check at CYCU

NT$530 / time

new international students, include undegraduate and graduate only

Transportation fees

NT$900 / trip

From airport to CYCU – optional


NT$300 / time

For ARC or Student ID card – optional

Resident Visa Application

NT$3,000/year respectively

If you enter Taiwan with a Tourists’ Visa - optional  

Health Check

NT$1,500/year respectively

If you enter Taiwan with a Tourists’ Visa - optional

University Dormitory Fee       (during summer vacation)

NT$4,260 for Hsin Shih Hall

NT$3,200 for En Tzu Hall

NT$2560 for Li Hsing Hall

If you stay in the university dormitory during the summer vacation - optional

University Dormitory Fee       (during winter vacation)

NT$1,700 for Hsin Shih Hall

NT$1,270 for En Tzu Hall

NT$1,020 for Li Hsing Hall

If you stay in the university dormitory during the winter vacation - optional