Work Permit in Taiwan

I. Eligibility:

    1. International Student of CYCU. (Bachelor, Master and PhD)

    2. Working or intern in or off campus due to economic problem, academic research or internship.

    3. Can be applying after one semester, except master or PhD who need to work for academic research.

II. Required Document::

     1. Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training (BEVT) Application Form and Consent Form for CYCU           International Student Work Permit Application.

     2. Transcript of latest semester. (At least 60% in academic average)

      3. A copy of valid passport and ARC (front and back).

      4. A copy of student ID (front and back, require the latest register stamp in the back of student ID,                        paste it on the application form).

      5. One 2-inches photo. (Paste on application form)

      6. Original receipt of examination fee (NTD 100 per person) from post office. (Please transfer the fee at            post office)

           Account Name: 行政院勞工委員會職業訓練局聘僱許可收費專戶

           Account Number: 19058848


III. Application Procedure:

      1.  Take both Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training (BEVT) Application Form and Consent Form               for Work Permit Application from Study in Taiwan Students Supporting Division of OSA (Office for                 Student Affair).

       2. After have permission from your department and teacher, asks your teacher to sign on the consent                   form and have stamp from your department.

        3. Have stamp on consent form from OIA (Office for International Student Affair).

        4. Bring along your application form and require documents (transcript, post office’s receipt, copy of              passport and ARC, etc) to Study in Taiwan Students Supporting Division to examine and verify.

        5. Study in Taiwan Students Supporting Division will send the application's documents to 行政院勞工                委員會職業訓練局 (BEVT) after examine and verify.

IV. Rules and Regulation for Work Permit::

       1.  The longest period validity is 6 months, if you apply in 1st semester, the valid date is until 30 March                of the following semester; if you apply in 2nd semester, the valid date will be until 30 September of                same year.

        2. Maximum 16 working hours per week, except winter and summer vacation.

         3. BEVT has the right to revoke the work visa if applicant breaks the rules and regulation.

         4. Anyone who work without permit will be fine NTD30,000~150,000 according to Employment                         Services Act.

          5. Student should return the valid work permit to Study in Taiwan Students Supporting Division if                        they drop out or expel from school.


For more details, please contact Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training.


Address: Fl.10, No. 39, Chung-Hwa Rd. Sec. 1, Taipei City 100, Taiwan.

TEL: (02)8590-2567              E-mail:

Office Hours: Monday to Friday (0830~1230, 1300~1730)



Laws and Regulations:

· Regulations on the Permission Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers

· Employment Services Act

   CYCU International Students Working Permit Application Flowchart

   Application Form For Work Permit Of Foreign Students

   International Students Application of Working Permit’s Stamp of Approval)