Details of National Health Insurance

Characteristics of NHI

  •  Mandatory for enrollment
  •  Operated by government agency
  •  Any person who doesn’t enroll is subject to a fine of NT$3,000 to NT$15,000


Enrollment Eligibility

  •  Possess Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
  •  Resided in Taiwan for more than six months


Insurance Premium

  •  The premium is NT$749 per month. 
  •  One semester (six months), total NT$4,494 
  •  First term: Sept. to Feb.
  •  Second term: Mar. to Aug.
  •  Newly admitted international students (Fall term - class start from September) will be charged  NT$4,494 for the second semester (March to August).
  •  Newly admitted international students (Spring term – class start from February) will be charged  NT$4,494 for the second semester (September to February).
  •  The fees you pay for the first semester will depend on the issued date of your ARC.



  •  Submit the documents listed below to the Office of International and Cross-Strait Education

         1. Photocopy of Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

         2. One bust photo (2-inch by 2-inch, colored and taken within 2 months)

         3. Fill out NHI IC Card application form (see attachment)

         4. Receipt of premium 

  •  If you have any enquires, please contact:

                         Phyllis Wang (03-265-1702)

             Fax: 03-265-1729

  • Coverage

       1. Outpatient service

       2. Inpatient care

       3. Prescription drugs

       4. Dental services


  •  Before eligible for the NHI Program, Go to our school Health Promotion Center

               Location: 1st floor on North Building of Holistic Education Village

               Clinical Hours: from Monday to Friday 2:00p.m.~4:30p.m.

               Contact number: 03-265-2161


NHI IC Card Fee

  •  Free of charge for obtaining a new card initially
  •  If damaged or lost, the replacement cost is NT$ 200 per card.


For more information

  • The National Health Insurance (NHI) website:
  • Contact the Office of International Affairs ,Phyllis Wang (03-265-1702) ,Location:7nd floor of Administration Building