Emergency Information


  1. Please carry the ARC and NHI with you at any time.
  2. For office campus employment, please comply with state laws and regulations. Working illegally will cause severe penalty and deportation. Please consult the website of the Bureau of Employment and Vocation Training of the Labor Council (http://www.evta.gov.tw)


  1. Robbery: The University is close to the Chung Yuan business zone. There are robberies from time to time. Please be reminded: 1. when walking, using a backpack is safer than a handbag; 2. when using a handbag, keep it on the same side of road you are walking on.
  2. Theft: Keep close watch of personal belongings. Locations of often theft include: dormitory, classrooms, ground floor of Computing Center, library locker room, and the gymnastic.
  3. Traffic: The University vicinities are populated with complex lanes and alleys. Be cautioned for safety when driving and walking. When crossing to the sports ground and stadium, pay special attention to the traffic.

Emergency phone numbers

  1. Office of Student Affairs: Ms. Sally Lin 03-2652181 (8:30 AM~17:00 PM)/ 0922241297
    Security guard office: (03)265-5555 (03)265-5555
    On-duty university military training officer: (03)265-7777
    Office of International and Cross-Strait Education: (03)265-1700~1704/1725
    Pujen police station: (03)456-2912