Q & A

Q1: Who is an international student?

A1: "International student" are defined as those who are neither overseas Chinese status, nor citizens

        of the  Republic of China.


Q2: What is the qualification of application?

A2: (1) Those that have had their R.O.C. nationality annulled for 8 years or more are  not eligible to apply.

        (2)  International students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for

               undergraduatee programs;                

               bachelor`s degree holders for Master's programs; Master's degree holders for doctoral programs.

        (3) International students who have been expelled from any university or college in Taiwan are not

              eligible to reapply for admission.


Q3:Application deadline and required documents?

A3: (1) Application Deadline

             The applicants should prepare the following documents and submit them before

             April 30  (for  Fall Term) or October 31(For Spring Term)(Applicants should contact the school

             at 03-2651715~16 in advance for later application after 30th April) each year in order to apply

             for  the next academic year.

        (2) Application Form and Required Documents:

              Application form for general international student.

              Application form for distinguished international graduate student (DIGS)

         (3) For the information on

               Resident Visa Application

               Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

               Extension of ARC Visitor`s Visa Extension

               please visit the website: http://iff.npa.gov.tw/enfront/student.php

         (4) "Eight years" specified in the preceding paragraph is from the date the applicant`s

               ROC  nationality is revoked to the date the semester begins on the calendar of CYCU.


Q4:Admission Visa Application

A4: Students of Hong Kong or Macao residency do not apply to the above regulation.


Q5:The National Health Insurance (NHI) Program

A5: (1) NHI Qualification:

              International students with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) who have resided in Taiwan for

              more than six months are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI)

              program immediately.

        (2) Insurance Premium Payment:

              Newly admitted students and transfer students with an ARC who have resided in Taiwan

              for more than six months must bring their ARC, one bust photo, application form to the Office

              of International and Cross-Strait Education(Dickson hall Rm704) for enrollment in the NHI program.

              Regular students pay the premium during registration in each semester. The premium

              for  students enrolled in NHI is NT$4,494 per Semester/NT$749 per month.

        (3) Termination of NHI:

               International students who graduate from school, expel from school or suspend from school

              will lose the right to participate in the NHI program. Please make sure to return your NHI

              card to the Office of International and Cross-Strait Education (Dickson Hall Rm704).

        (4) Suspension and Re-Insurance:

               International students plan to leave Taiwan for more than 6 months, please come to the Office    

               of International Programs to apply for the Suspension and overpay insurance premium. When traveling overseas after a short period of time and then returning to Taiwan with a valid ARC,      

               international students must enroll in the NHI program again.

        (5) NHI Medical Services:

              In cases of illness, injury, and childbirth, the beneficiaries can receive medical services;

              including medication, outpatient and inpatient services from NHI contracted healthcare providers.

              The beneficiaries must pay co-payments for receiving medical services and follow medical


        (6) Medical Expenses Reimbursement:

              In cases where beneficiaries receive medical services overseas, such as unexpected medical needs

             or childbirth, they are entitled to claim reimbursement. They should make their claim within six      

             months after the unexpected occurrence with receipts, including detailed service items and            

             documents of diagnosis.

         (7) Penalty for Violations:

               The National Health Insurance Program is mandatory; any person who is qualified for this              

               Program must enroll in the National Health Insurance Program. Any person who doesn`t enroll is

               subject to a fine of NT$3,000 to NT$15,000. In addition, this person is required to pay

               the full  premiums starting from the date she or he should have been enrolled. No benefits will be

               offered  before the premiums are paid in full. A notice of penalty starting from the date she or he

               should have  been enrolled. No benefits violation will be delivered in writing and the fine must be

               paid on time.  If the fines imposed remain unpaid, after a given period of time the case will be

               referred to the courts for compulsory enforcement. starting from the date she or he should have

               been enrolled.

         (8) Contact Information:

            Office of International Programs

                Tel: +886-3-265-1715~16

                Fax: +886-3-265-1729

                E-mail: maihochia@gmail.com(undergraduate students);yan@cycu.edu.tw(graduate)