Required Supporting Document

1. Require documents

           □ Application form 申請書

           □  Resume 個人履歷 

           □  Study Plan 讀書計畫

           □  Copy of Student I.D. 學生證

           □  Official Academic Transcript 歷年學業成績單(正本)

           □  Proof of Enrollment 在校證明

           □  Copy of Passport 護照影本

           □  1 x ID photo (JPG file) (2 inches colored with white 

               background & 1張2吋彩色白底照片電子檔)

           □  One recommendation letter 推薦信1封

   □  Supporting Document-Proof of Language Ability (Chinese or English) 

        附加資料-中文或英文語言能力證明 (如果有請提供) 


/ After receiving the admission letters 錄取後

        □  Dormitory Application Form 宿舍申請書  

        □  Health Check Certificate 健康檢查表

        □  Personal Information Collection, Processing, and Usage Informed Consent Form

        □  Outdoor Activity Emergency Contact  Authorization

        □  Emergency Authorization Form